Moving your life outside the city and experiencing community in green surroundings.

Close to green surroundings

A central component of the development of the Quarter is the creation of the extensive and near- natural park, which will be implemented as part of BUGA 23. Here, future residents can breathe a sigh of relief twice over. While the park, with its varied green and meadow areas and the charming tree-covered floodplain, invites you to relax and linger, it will also offer many opportunities in the future for vigorous exercise and exploration thanks to its diverse natural landscapes and spaces for play.

SPINELLI is not only a pleasant open space, but also creates a pleasant climate and living environment for everyone. A living space and a green living room, which allows families, friends and neighbours to live well together and experience nature at close quarters.

BUGA (National Garden Show) 2023

Together with BUGA 2023 GmbH and GBG, MWSP is developing the currently fallow 80 hectares of the former barracks site between Käfertal and Feudenheim into a spacious and versatile park landscape that is flanked by an inviting park promenade.

The whole area will become a place where people like to stay, spend their leisure time or feel at home. Because after six months of the major BUGA 2023 event, SPINELLI will become a public and freely accessible park landscape and the green living room of the young neighbourhood with its approximately 4,500 inhabitants, who will find a home in the Northeast green corridor here in the future. It also means an increase in living space for the neighbouring districts and for all of Mannheim's citizens.

Families with children will find varied green areas, playgrounds and unspoilt nature to discover and in which to romp around and play. For nature lovers and active people, the park and promenade invites them to stroll around and enjoy relaxing walks, cosy picnics or extensive cycling tours, skating or jogging. Revel and breathe a sigh of relief in nature, read at the tree-lined floodplain and simply be yourself. There is free space here for all of this.

The development of the park landscape also opens up the transition to the Neckar near Feudenheim and thus represents another step towards the green city on two rivers. Urbanity and nature, city and river come together here.

BUGA 2023


Express bike lane

In future, the express bike lane will run parallel to the pedestrian promenade, providing mobility and a connection between the city centre and the districts of Feudenheim, Käfertal, Vogelstang and SPINELLI.

Northeast green corridor

The northeast green corridor stands for a network of open spaces. On the one hand, new possibilities are created for free access to experiencing nature and for pursuing various leisure and sports activities. On the other hand, it acts as a fresh air corridor that will improve the entire urban climate, particularly noticeable in the neighbouring districts. In light of the already noticeable consequences of climate change, this is more important than ever. More quality of life and a space that lets you breathe a sigh of relief twice over.